Spring Veggies

Oh…spring veggies, how we love thee. Fava beans, peas, chard, and spinach. Our crops took a bit longer than normal to produce, but now that they have we’re enjoying our yield almost daily.

We’ve grown peas, chard, and spinach in the past. A few yeas ago we had such luck with chard that we had to take a break for a year. We don’t have a lot of anything this year…but just enough which is nice.

The kids especially enjoy the peas. Even the 23-month-old knows how to pick a nice plump pod, peel it, and pop the peas in her mouth.

Fava beans are new this year. I love fava beans and always looking forward to fava bean season. Last fall I read that fava beans make a great cover crop. We planted a dozen seeds in our pumpkin patch hoping to enrich our soil for a better pumpkin crop this fall. Again, no bumper crop, but enough beans for a small sautee or two.

Since we’re still enjoying our spring veggies, we’ve yet to plant our summer garden. We’re hoping for a dry couple of weekends (it’s an El Nino year in northern California which means we’ve had a wet winter and early spring) in which to harvest the rest of our spring veggies and prep our patch for summer. Yay spring!


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