What I love :: the public library

I’m a long lover of the library. As a child I visited my hometown library almost weekly. I grew up in a small town. It was a small library, but it had all a shy, introverted, book loving girl needed. And the librarian—Mrs. Angiers—was so nice and helpful.

Although I’ve lived in Sacramento over 12 years, I’m still thrilled by the extent and ease of use of the public library system. Although they don’t have everything I always want, the inter-library loan process  brings 90 percent of the books my family wants to read to our hands.

As a mother, I’m so glad my children love books. A week isn’t complete without a trip to the library. Many of the libraries in Sacramento have weekly story times—lap sit, toddler, and preschool. The library also provides weekly telephone stories. My son loves to use the phone and what better thing to receive on the other end than a story energetically read by a librarian!

Another feature of the library system is the library store. Many of the branches have a small store run by volunteers. The stores contain books and magazines donated by patrons. All proceeds benefit specific library branches (for example, if you buy a book at Belle Cooledge, the funds will be used at Belle Cooledge). Magazines are generally sold for $1 and books run from 50 cents to a few dollars. It’s a great place to let the kids explore using money and to splurge on a slightly old Real Simple that you simply can’t justify spending $4.50 on new.

The best feature of the library, however, is the opportunity it provides to run into neighbors and to meet people from the area. We live within walking distance of a branch that is also adjacent to a park and playground. A trip to the library and playground make a nice outing. In fact, my 23-month-old regularly exclaims “library” as we drive past.


2 thoughts on “What I love :: the public library

  1. yet ANOTHER thing we have in common. i LOVE the library! i go at least once a week and i feel like norm from “cheers” everytime i walk in. everyone knows my name!

    we’re mcclatchy folks here. it’s been our house and the studio in an old “house” (mansion) and i love that i can get any book from anywhere sent there.

    • McClatchy is our current library, as well. Bell Cooledge–our neighborhood library is closed for a remodel. I, too, love that McClatchy is in an old house.

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