What I love::ArtBeast

A mid-week reminder of why I like living where I live. In an attempt to get myself writing more regularly and to better appreciate the urban environment in which I live, I’ll be writing regularly about something or some place I love in and around Sacramento.

If you’re a parent to kids six and under, you probably already know about ArtBeast. If you’re not a parent of preschoolers and toddlers…well…you’re missing out. ArtBeast is a space for kids to freely explore, create, and and make a mess. Four floors (including the outside space) provide space for kids to play dress up, put on puppet shows, dig in the dirt, paint, glue, glitter, sculpt, create meals (with play food), and more! The creative opportunities are truly endless.

In their words,

“ArtBeast is a drop in arts exploration space for children featuring an open studio, arts classes, and arts exploration rooms. Though all children are welcome to visit ArtBeast, special focus is given to creating an environment for children under 6.

The open studio features tables, easels, and clay mounds where young artists can work. Surrounding shelves are stocked with paint, papers, objects from nature, recycled tidbits, glues, crayons, glitter, scissors, an array of brushes, and an even wider offering of objects from which to make art. Children develop confidence in expressing and messing as they create art pieces that convey their sense of the world.”

My kids always have access to art supplies at our house, but they have a mama who isn’t always willing to clean up spilled paint.  Parents must supervise at ArtBeast, but there’s always a staff person available to help clean up.

There are also daily classes ranging from tap, music, and yoga to fine art, crafts, and storytelling.

ArtBeast also has evening programs for adults somewhat regularly. One of the many reasons I chose ArtBeast as my first “What I Love” installment is because I’ll be teaching a yoga class for moms each Thursday, April 15th – May 27th. More information about this series can be found in the Yoga Classes tab of this blog.

The most amazing feature about ArtBeast, however, is why it was created. Although it was created with children in mind (by two moms no less), all proceeds fund programs for homeless children and youth.

I have no photos of my kinds enjoying themselves at ArtBeast. I never remember to take my camera. ArtBeast’s website, however, is full of photos demonstrating just how much fun your kids could have!


3 thoughts on “What I love::ArtBeast

  1. Back to add…I clicked through and while I didn’t know about ArtBeast, it is very similar to our local place, Studio Grow. My kids, 2 and 5, both love it and find lots of imaginative, creative, artistic, wiggly jiggly fun to be had! My only complaint is that it is not cheap. They charge for parents to enter (and parents are required) as well as kids.

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