UC Davis is the primary agricultural school in Northern California. I received my M.S. in Community Development there 10 years ago but didn’t really take advantage of everything the city (of Davis) and the campus had to offer while a student. Over the years this has changed. One of my favorite things on campus is the UC Davis Arboretum. It’s a greenway along Putah Creek and is a bioregional hub for that portion of Yolo County.


The Arboretum has many different gardens including Valley Oak, California natives, meditarranean, dessert, and a few others. It’s best known regionally, however, for encouraging and championing drought tolerant plants (so very important in our neck of the woods). The Arboretum grows it’s own plants and has a plant sale a few times a year. We finally attended a plant sale this past weekend and I was completely awed by the number of plants they had to offer.

We’re slowly converting our front yard into a drought tolerant oasis. Over the past three years, we’ve pulled out many non-native and non-drought tolerant plants. We’ve planted a lot already but still have gaps. (Not to mention the lawn and two large mulberries that are not-so-slowing disturbing our driveway.)  A couple of our finds were a ceanothus and a “hardy carnivorous plant” whose common name I can’t remember.

As soon as it stops raining in sunny California, we’ll get these new plants in the ground.

The "hardy carnivorous plant."


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