Strawberry Field(s)

More and more berries in our neck of the woods. We planted 50 strawberry plants last week. We’ve always had a small patch. But with two kids who know the look of a ripe strawberry, these plants weren’t enough for the whole family.

We started the new patch last August. It was previously a cactus garden. I freecycled the cacti. A month or two ago I finally cleared the rocks from the patch and leveled it a bit. Last week, I dug up the dirt and added compost from our compost bin. Margie and the kids went to the nursery for a flat and a half of strawberries and the planting began! Bennett helped plant a couple of plants before being distracted by some bugs. And Adelaide only stepped on a couple of plants.

On top of of all our homemade berry-goodness, I just ordered 10 lbs. of blueberries from a local (Calaveras County) blueberry farm. They should be ripe and ready to be picked up in late May/early June.

I can almost taste the blueberry/raspberry/strawberry muffins…cobbler…pie…I could go on, but I’ll stop here.


One thought on “Strawberry Field(s)

  1. I thoroughly enjoy all of your posts. While I am not a gardener or a parent, you help me keep things in perspective. Please keep posting.

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