Meditation/Sweets Up-date

I gave myself a meditation/sweets challenge in February. Here’s an up-date:

Meditation is going great. I’m now up to 15 minutes a day and I find myself being much more mindful while walking the dog, playing with the kids, and performing household chores.  Meditation is helping me keep my patience and perspective throughout the day. It has also helped that I’m taking a meditation class this month. We meet every Monday for 2 hours. We learn about Buddhism and practice meditating. Although my home meditation is going well, I hope to continue meeting with a group after this class ends.

Overall, limiting my sweets intake is going well. I have not been perfect in the afternoons, but I have been good about limiting my sweets in the evenings if I chose to partake during the day. So…while it’s not exactly the outcome I was striving for, it’s  still far better than it use to be.


Unrelated…I made lotion over the weekend. It was so much fun! I took pictures. I hope to post about it soon, but it’s time to be mindful while playing with my son…


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