Time to Myself

I had 2 hours to myself today. A Monday morning from roughly 9am-11am. This doesn’t happen too often. I downloaded a dharma talk on my iPod and listened without the clamor of little children in the background. The only noises I heard  were those of the drills in my mouth as my root canal was being performed.

Yes, a root canal. Yes, precious time to myself. It’s funny what I consider time to myself these days. But time it is. I didn’t have to answer to anyone (well…an occasional head nod to the dentist). I didn’t have to prepare anyone a morning snack. Just me and an inspiring talk piping through my ears (and the dentist and the hygienist…).

Every moment counts. Despite the discomfort and cost of the dental work, it was still time to myself and I am very grateful for it.


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