Spring Garden Prep: Raspberries, Part 2

They’re in! We visited one of our favorite nurseries yesterday and picked out 6 raspberry plants. Three of the plants are Fall Gold which is a golden raspberry. The other 3 are Indian Summer. Both are everybearing which means we should receive 2 crops per year, I think. We also built a trellis to support the vines as they grow.

We are ecstatic (seriously) to finally have berries growing in our yard, but we are also excited because we  finished a project! We really like to finish projects. With two kids under the age of 5, however, projects don’t finish quickly.

Next up is prepping and planting a new strawberry patch. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Spring Garden Prep: Raspberries, Part 2

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I came across your blog from the itsallyoga post on facebook. We might kinda know each other because I practice at the studio. I had to read your post about raspberries because we grow them in our yard and LOVE them. They are my favorite food from our garden– we get a large crop that lasts well into the fall (or maybe they’re 2 crops?). Good luck with yours– I’m sure you and your family will just love them! Anyway, you and I have some things in common because I try to live sustainably, and I have a 2-yr-old son. I hope to meet you at the studio sometime.

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Jenna! We’ve had a garden for years, but this is our first foray into berries. We really hope they grow! Any pointers you can share would be appreciated! I’ll look for you at the studio, too!

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