There’s some quote I heard long ago that more or less states that a weed is simply something growing where it shouldn’t. This is how I often feel about the mint growing wildly in our yard. For much of the year it takes over an entire section of yard. Not a huge section, but a noticeable chunk. Much of the time I don’t consider the mint a weed. I enjoy being able to cook with it or use it for mojitos. Other times–especially when it’s trying to take over another section of the yard–it is decidedly a weed. Since I don’t want to use any herbicides in the yard, I’ll continue this love/hate relationship with my mint.

Today–in particular–I’m at peace with my mint. It’s just starting to leaf again. I was able to harvest enough to dry and use for homemade mint tea. And…oh…it was so good. The flavor was smooth and subtle. And fully accepting my “weed” and fully utilizing it for something I love (yes…mint tea) was very satisfying.


One thought on “Weeds?

  1. I know that quote and I agree. My mother-in-law has pointed out that grass is very invasive. I find it ironic that this is so true in the flower bed and in sidewalk cracks, yet we can’t ever seem to keep the lawn looking nice where it’s supposed to be!

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