A Challenge

For the past year or so I’ve had an insatiable sweet tooth. As soon as the kids are down for naps/quiet time, I pull out the sweets. And as soon as they’re in bed for the night, I pull out the sweets again. Sweets are generally cookies. Sometimes they’re a slice of pie or cake. And sometimes they’re a (few) handfuls of chocolate chips.

A lack of weight gain coupled with a very healthy overall diet and regular exercise led me not to be too concerned about these indiscretions. When I started noticing a blood sugar response to these indulgences, however, I realized that something needed to change. Unfortunately, I first noticed the negative affect of the sweets 6-8 MONTHS ago and I’m still trying to kick this habit.

I’m finally ready to get serious about my sugar addiction. Perhaps I’m inspired by lent. Perhaps I’m finally realizing that I’m  hurting myself as well as being dishonest with myself and the healthy lifestyle I want to practice for me and my family. Or perhaps I finally paid attention to other issues that could be cleared up by reducing the sugar in my diet. Whatever it is, I’ve given myself a challenge.

It’s my meditation/reduced sugar challenge.

Why meditation and reduced sugar rather than sugar elimination? And why together?

– My daily meditation has been non-existent.

– Meditation is helpful in all aspects of my life.

– I have time to meditate when the kids go down for their naps/quiet time.

– Substituting meditation for cookie eating helps solve the time to meditate problem and the cookie eating problem.

– Finally, I don’t want to go cold turkey. I enjoy baking. I enjoy eating. I don’t want to deprive myself of things I enjoy. Besides, when practiced in moderation, baking and eating sweets are okay. In short, I want to be able to eat a cookie at night after dinner (and after the kids are in bed).

Day one. So far so good…more or less. I meditated for 10 minutes. And rather than grab a cookie, I made myself a chai tea. Yes, I’m substituting caffeine and cane sugar for the totally processed sugar found in the homemade cookies sitting in my freezer. But it’s a step. And…I’m not detecting any blood sugar issues. I’ll try it without the chai tea tomorrow.  Oh…and meditating felt great. It was a nice little pick me up and start to my quiet time.

I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “A Challenge

  1. look forward to hearing updates! this plagues me too and it’s such a sucker to kick. love your idea of replacing the habit with something else… so you’re occupied (even if preoccupied!). go chai!

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