It is so easy to take our breath for granted. The ease with which it moves in and out of our bodies is not present for everyone. I’m reminded of this when my kids are sick. My 4 year-old is more or less recovered from a cold that primarily lived in this chest and throat. Thankfully, it was never more than a cough and runny nose. My 20 month-old now has the same cold, but it has manifested itself in a slightly different way. While it’s primarily in her chest, it’s also in her lungs causing moments of wheezing. The nebulizer and saline solution have been pulled out of the cabinet for periodic use. She’s in relatively good spirits and her appetite is good. We’re not too worried at the moment, just ever watchful.

My grandfather has emphysema which must be scary. When pregnant with my now 20 month-old, I had moments of difficulty in breathing when I attempted to do too much physically. These were not pleasant moments. At every stage in our lives–whether it be 20 months, 34 years, or 80 years–the breath is everything.


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