Potatoes, please!

It’s potato planting time in Sacramento. Since it feels like Seattle (slight exaggeration, I know), however, no potatoes are being planted. The seed potatoes have been cut and drying for a week now. The ground is still a soggy mess promising to turn any planted potatoes into a moldy mess.  All things in good time, I suppose.

In other yard news, the lemons have all been picked. Hopefully we’ll use them all before they mold. Some lemon custard for use later in the year would be lovely. In the meantime, a lemon cake or two will be made.

Three trees have been cut down and are awaiting stump removal. In another test of our patience, we’re hoping the stump removal folks will be able to pull the stumps in time for berry planting season. We’d really like fresh raspberries this summer.

And finally, since our winter garden was a near failure this year, we’re already dreaming of our summer garden.

So many dreams for our yard! All things in good time…


One thought on “Potatoes, please!

  1. Our winter garden flopped too. Glad to hear it’s not only us.

    If you’ve got extra lemons, bring them to the studio and folks will gladly take them off your hands.

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