Simple Food

I love to use new recipes. I love to eat seasonally with locally grown foods. But what I love most are new and simple recipes during the week that utilize the bounty out our back door (in this case, not figuratively) . Inevitably–as the day progresses–my level of patience drops as my kids’ antsiness increases. Seriously, there’s a direct correlation. Tonight’s dinner was so simple and basic that I’m looking forward to the leftovers for BREAKFAST tomorrow. We ate a vegetable quiche; quick whole-wheat, buttermilk drop biscuits with homemade strawberry jam; and bacon. It was so yummy. The quiche was from A Foothill Home Companion. The biscuit recipe was found in How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. The bacon was purchased at Taylor’s Market on Freeport Blvd. The kids were so-so about it, but I don’t care. This will be entering our regular rotation. Of course, they loved the biscuits…with the jam. And Bennett was able to help me make the biscuits which makes the meal score even higher in my book.


2 thoughts on “Simple Food

  1. Loving this and the Winter post. It really is the simple things that make so much of a difference; home-cooked meals, drinking tea all day, art projects, love.

    So glad to read of you taking advantage of life’s simple pleasures – reminds me to do the same.

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