Welcome, February!

My son made a paper groundhog at preschool today. I saw it and couldn’t believe that it was that time of the year already. I’ve really been enjoying winter this year. Not that I don’t normally…it’s hard not to like winter in Sacramento. Even during wet and foggy patches, you know sunshine and blue skies are just around the corner.  But this year, I’m enjoying staying inside a bit more; drinking tea all day; art projects with the kids; my home yoga practice; and simply taking better care of myself so that I can stay a sane, stay-at-home mom.

This time last year, I was agonizing over whether or not to quit working and join the ranks of the SAHMs. With a solid year under my belt, I’m feeling more at peace with it than ever. That’s not say that it’s easy, or that I don’t have frequent thoughts about returning to work (for a myriad of reasons), or that I feel I have it all figured out. Oh my…no! I’m simply more mentally at peace with where my life is right now and have more tools at my disposal for dealing with the day-to-day and the here and now.

So, for now, I don’t mind what Punxsutawney Phil says tomorrow. There’s still tea to be drunk, lemon cakes to be made, blood oranges to be eaten. And really, it’s never too cold for a bike ride in Sacramento.


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