I need a schedule. A flexible schedule, but a schedule. I have the kids’/family schedule down, but it needs to incorporate more time for myself. Time to do yoga, meditate, write in the blog, read, knit, sew, etc. Time set aside so that I don’t have to waste time wondering when I’ll be able to do those things again. Hopefully clearing my mind of the “whens?” will allow me to be more mindful in the “nows.” Here’s a first draft:

Yoga/Meditation – 5am – 6am daily (assuming I’ve slept the night before; never a sure thing in my house)

Yoga study/paperwork/Prep – Monday and Wednesday evenings

Book, magazine, and blog reading – Nap/quiet time and before bed (just books before bed)

Knit/Sew – during the day as the children allow and Tuesday/Thursday evenings

Blog writing – hmmm…not sure on this one…Saturday or Sunday?

I’ll also hope to throw an evening yoga class in once or twice a week.

The real challenge will be not to become too frustrated when the schedule must be changed.  I have two kids and a wife who travels for work. The schedule will have to be re-arranged somewhat regularly. Striving for peace with changes will be a yoga practice in and of itself as I practice contentment with what is and try not to grasp for what isn’t.


2 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. wow – this schedule looks great! i like how it incorporates so many aspects of your life and gives some wiggle room for life to interupt.

    i really admire you carving out a piece of a very busy life as a stay at home mom just for you. i will definitely be coming to you for advice when we bring our kidlet home.

    i am in the process of setting up a schedule for myself as well. this is good food for thought.

  2. I too have been thinking about “scheduling” my me time. I’ve even talked with Becky about it, and she has offered some suggestions and ways she can help. However, I confront resistance whenever I try to actually develop a schedule. I sometimes wonder if the scheduling is grasping for something to be a certain way, rather than accepting things as they are (with an uncertain flow). I’ll be curious if you find that required “changes” in your schedule results in disappointment. It’s good you see it as part of your practice.

    As I have worked to simplify my life, I find that structure and routine is helpful. Scheduling certainly helps with that. However, I also see how sometimes it removes spontaneity, which is a source of richness in our lives.

    That is my path… flip-flopping back and forth on all sorts of issues. Could it be that the middle path is not straight?

    Thanks for sharing, Amanda.

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