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I have been wanting to start a blog for some time–perhaps as long as a year. I wasn’t sure, however, what I wanted it to be or how I was to find the time to write. I did know that I wanted this blog to be a mix of all the things I’m doing right now. Raising kids. Gardening. Sewing and knitting. Cooking. Managing a family. Living in a city. Being a stay-at-home-mom. Freaking out every so often about being a stay-at-home-mom and not doing outside work. The volunteer work I continue to do for a local land trust.

With these thoughts rambling around my head, I started a yoga teacher training program. We were encouraged to start a blog. I know that the real point of blogging about my yoga training is to provide an outlet to everything happening as a result of the training. But, focus has never been one of my strong traits, and I simply added yoga to the list of things to blog about.  At times I feel that I should have started a yoga-centric blog, but yoga is just one part of my life and to have a blog focused on one thing in my life didn’t seem particularly truthful.

So…here is my jumble of a blog, where I will attempt to post every few days about whatever is speaking to me at the time.

Oh…the name. It’s a play on A Sand County Almanac by ecologist Aldo Leopold. A Sand County Almanac is a nature journal of sorts focusing on Leopold’s home in rural Wisconsin. Published in 1949, it’s considered one of the pivotal books in the American conservation movement. I aspire to write, discuss, and learn about my environment (in all it’s many forms…see the first paragraph in this post) as Leopold did. As such his book is simply an inspiration and this blog will be hit and miss–at best–in staying true to Leopold’s theme.


One thought on “This Blog

  1. Your post is entirely about yoga. It is honest, open, insightful. Thank you for reminding me of Aldo Leopold. I read some of his work many years ago. It would be good to take another look.

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