A New Routine

Adelaide has given up her morning nap. I had been looking forward to her napping while Bennett was in school three mornings a week. That was our routine last spring and most of the summer. I really liked that routine. I had time to myself in the mornings and again in the afternoons as they both rested. Not anymore. I’ve been expecting this change for some time. Babies give up their morning naps around age one and she’s now 15 months. I’ve been a parent long enough to know that things always change and–in fact–the only thing you can count on is change. Nonetheless I am lamenting the loss of my time. I need/want/crave time to myself.

So…this morning it was just me and my girl for a couple of hours.  Adelaide loved it. Life with a big brother can be loud and overwhelming at times. As much as she loves her big brother and wants to be doing whatever he’s doing, she also enjoys simple, quiet time to wander around the house in peace doing whatever crosses her mind or path. We read. We danced. We cleaned out the linen closet. We took the dog for a walk. It was nice.

It’s our new routine.


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